National Wellbeing Hub (

National Wellbeing Hub (

National Wellbeing Hub (

21st May 2020

For all health and social care workers, and unpaid carers too

The central theme of the National Wellbeing Hub is: You cared for us so we care for you

Wide-ranging content is aimed at encouraging everyone in health and social care services, wherever they work, and unpaid carers, to look after themselves and seek help seek when they need it.

You'll find comprehensive information on services available (e.g. helplines, peer support) at national, regional and local levels, as well as a number of key resources (free for health and social care workers), including apps and online programmes:

  • Sleepio (click to access the evidence based sleep improvement programme)
  • Daylight (click to access ways of improving general wellbeing)
  • Silvercloud (click to access a structured programme based on CBT focusing on supporting your wellbeing, including managing your mental health, resilience, stress and sleep. Use code NHS2020)

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