3 Conversations: early learning from innovation sites


3 Conversations: early learning from innovation sites

Collaboration, Compassion and Ambition 2019 - 4th December 2019
50 minutes; 11:50 and 13:20

The 3 Conversation approach is an innovative, asset based approach to working with people that puts them at the centre of planning, which recognizes that they and not us are experts in their own lives and which supports people in accessing natural and community assets to help them have a good life. 

Supported by Partners4Change, Edinburgh City HSCP is implementing the model city-wide, led by innovation sites and innovators. The implementation of 3 Conversations is professional and team led, and fortnightly ‘Making it Happen’ meetings become a focal point for innovators, senior leadership team and 3rd sector partners to come together and support innovation by removing bureaucratic barriers to change and innovation that usually slow down or stop transformation happening.

Although early in their journey, they are already seeing benefits from early innovation sites, including:

  • Changing systems to reduce waiting times and waiting lists for care and support
  • A reduction in people requiring formal, statutory services
  • Increasing professional capacity through reducing bureaucracy
  • Increasing role satisfaction through professionals utilising their skills and ability and not just ‘processing’ people
  • A greater knowledge, awareness and connection to communities and neighbourhoods and what goes on in them

The workshop will share ‘stories of difference.’ and will:

  • Introduce the concept of the 3 Conversations
  • Share the learning from Edinburgh’s implementation of this from innovation sites
  • Discuss the emerging data on how it’s changing ways of working, outcomes for people and the sustainability of the health and care system
  • Share thinking on how this new approach changes relationships with communities and 3rd sector partners

The 3 Conversation innovation sites span Edinburgh City's service provision as a health and social care partnership and they’ll aim to give participants a real flavour of the warts and all learning – what’s working, what’s been a challenge and where they’re going next!

This workshop is by Edinburgh City HSCP.

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