Enabling collaborative leadership through self-managing teams


Enabling collaborative leadership through self-managing teams

Collaboration, Compassion and Ambition 2019 - 4th December 2019
50 minutes; 11:50 and 13:20

The recent Audit Scotland report, describing the progress of integration, identified collaborative leadership as a key feature supporting integration. The report also recognises that top-down leadership (manifested within traditional hierarchies of health boards and local authorities) does not work in the context of integration and does not maximise resources, thus the need for systems leaders has emerged, with a requirement to distribute leadership responsibilities to ensure change can happen in a complex environment.

One key enabler to implementing collaborative leadership is the implementation of non-hierarchical structures and adopting a self-management approach. However, achieving such a radical culture change requires buy-in and commitment from the leaders in organisations before this can be filtered down into all teams.

Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership is on the journey from an organisation utilising a traditional hierarchy, towards a self-managing approach.

The workshop will explore the impact of enabling collaborative leadership through implementation of self-managing teams, additionally delegates will understand:

  • What self-managing teams are including and what is evidenced to work
  • Benefits of transitioning towards a collaborative leadership model
  • Barriers and facilitators towards implementing such an approach
  • How a similar model could be delivered in their local area

Delegates will discuss in groups the concept of self-managing teams within health and social care and consider its replicability to their local areas. Specifically, thought will be given to potential barriers in implementing such a radical shift in operational activity, in addition to solutions and further considerations that could enhance and benefit the sustainability of the model.

This workshop is by Aberdeen City HSCP.

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