Person-led approaches to sustainable transformation in health and social care services


Person-led approaches to sustainable transformation in health and social care services

Collaboration, Compassion and Ambition 2019 - 4th December 2019
50 minutes; 11:50 and 13:20

This session will provide a rich learning opportunity for participants who have an interest in person-led approaches that enable improvements to public services for both individuals and communities.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s (HIS) improvement hub has worked with health and social care systems, local authorities and the third and independent sector to support person-centred design and enable them to work with communities and people – this is to better understand what services feel like from their perspective. Illustrating how care, support and services are co-designed together with people to redesign, incorporate improvements and accelerate change.

The approaches used aim to deliver change with people and communities across health and social care system through person-centred design thinking, collaboration and participation. This has helped people and communities to be fully involved in the change process as well as in achieving their own outcomes.


The workshop will enable delegates to:

  • Gain practical experience of using some of the collaborative and participatory approaches in a taster session
  • Gain greater understanding of how the National Development Team for Inclusion’s (NDTi) Community Led Support, Experience Based Co-Design and People Powered Result: 100 day challenge (Nesta/ihub Partnership) can support transformational change through participatory and co-design methods.
  • Learn how some health and social care services in Scotland have applied these approaches in practice and the outcomes they have achieved.
  • Develop an understanding of how the approaches designed to support this work can accelerate change in cross-organisational systems.

HIS will showcase how to build improvement capabilities in the workforce to enable delivery of outcomes that matter to people and communities. In addition, key learning from achievements and challenges will be presented with how listening and involving people has influenced public services to transform the care and support they deliver. 

This workshop is by Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

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