Thinking Differently: asset based approach to SDS


Thinking Differently: asset based approach to SDS

Collaboration, Compassion and Ambition 2019 - 4th December 2019
50 minutes; 11:50 and 13:20

East Ayrshire has created a peer mentor model and Thinking Differently Programme Board to lead and oversee transformational change in social care. This approach has encouraged staff to be innovative in the implementation of self-directed support.

‘Thinking Differently’ focuses on the person and what matters to them. By understanding more about an individual’s assets in terms of strengths, skills, knowledge, experiences and resources, people and their families are in a better position to decide on the right supports and services for them. The Finance Team offer specialist support to both workforce and to individual and families and free up time for social work staff to have an open discussions on ‘my life my plan’ assessment tool and to focus on what can meet an individual’s needs.

The Thinking Differently Team is supporting practitioners, people who use services and the wider community to have the knowledge, confidence and skills to live their life their way. SDS Finance Officers play a lead role, supporting the completion of finance documentation, calculating detailed costs of support plans and maintaining personal budget records. By directing the supports needed to meet personal outcomes in new and innovative ways, they are creating better outcomes for individuals, families and the partnership.

Carer Peer Mentors with lived experience of caring for a family member are also key members of the Thinking Differently Team. The peer mentor model provides coaching and support to frontline practitioners. This dynamic leadership approach enables workers to ‘think differently’, gives individuals more choice and control and ultimately improves outcomes for supported people and their carers.

The workshop will explore Thinking Differently and discuss with practitioners the successes and challenges of this approach.


This workshop is by East Ayrshire HSCP.

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