Wellbeing and Recovery College


Wellbeing and Recovery College

Collaboration, Compassion and Ambition 2019 - 4th December 2019
50 minutes; 11:50 and 13:20

North Ayrshire Wellbeing & Recovery College (NAWRC) offers educational courses to support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in shared learning environments in the community. Supporting people to identify and build on their own strengths, making sense of their experiences and taking responsibility, where possible, to encourage recovery and self-management of personal mental health and wellbeing.

The college is coordinated by Recovery Across Mental Health (RAMH), a third sector organisation, on behalf on North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership. The college works in partnership with different organisations delivering training and workshops within the curriculum. Tutors are supported by Student Services Team. New courses are developed through co-production with people who are experts by profession alongside people who are experts by lived experience. Courses in development include: ‘What makes me tick?’, ‘Behind the Screens’ (wellbeing and film programme) and ‘Coping Skills’.

Students who are stable in their recovery and aspire to support other people are encouraged to complete training courses within the Peer Pathway. Students identify and are supported to work towards long term goals, which may include becoming a volunteer peer trainer, to go into further education, or to gain paid employment.

The workshop will demonstrate the impact of a recovery college for students and partners. Workshop delegates will gain understanding of North Ayrshire Wellbeing & Recovery College (NAWRC), which strives to enable students to gain:

  •  An increased ability in coping and self-management skills
  •  An increased sense of empowerment
  •  An increased sense of connectedness with others
  • An increased sense of hope and optimism for the future

The session will demonstrate the principles of enabling work in the community, for the community.

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the value of the model, experiences of similar approaches and how this could be replicated in other areas, beyond mental health.

This workshop is by North Ayrshire HSCP and volunteer peer trainer.

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